Entrée with your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetable, Tofu or Gluten -----------$10.95
                                                                         Shrimp or Squid --------------------------------- Add $2.00
                                                     Meat Combo ( Chicken+Beef+Pork+Shrimp) -------- Add $3.00
                           Seafood Combo (Crab, Mussel, Squid and Shrimp) -------------------Add $4.00

  70. Massamun Curry   GF
         Thai Massamun curry paste, Coconut milk, Potato, White Onion, Peanut and Avocado 
  71. Green Curry   GF
         Thai Green curry paste, Coconut milk, Basil, Green bean, Bell pepper and Bamboo shoot
  72. Panang Curry   GF
         Panang curry paste in Coconut milk, Basil, Pea and Bell pepper 
  73. Red Curry  GF
         Thai Red curry paste, Coconut milk, Basil, Pea, Bell pepper and Bamboo shoot
  74. Bangkok Duck (Crispy or Soft duck)--------------------------- $14.95 
         Boneless roast duck in Bangkok City style topped with sweet dark sauce
  75. Pa-nang Duck (Crispy or Soft duck)---------------------------- $14.95 
        Boneless roast duck then cooked with pa-nang curry sauce,
        pineapple, pea, bell pepper and crispy basil
  76. Honey Duck (Crispy or Soft duck)------------------------------- $14.95 
         Boneless roast duck then cooked with sour-honey sauce
  77. Duck Over Rice (Soft duck)---------------------------------------- $11.95 

                                       (Crispy duck)------------------------------------ $12.95 

         Sliced of Roasted or Fried Duck then put on top of rice. Serve with house spicy sauce and Soup.

  78. Duck Noodle Soup ----------------------------------------------------- $11.95 
         Rice noodle, sliced of duck, onion and cilantro in the house's duck broth.
         Served with Lettuce, Bean Sprout, Lime - (on request)
Thai Menu