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Thai Menu
  1. Egg Roll - "Crispy Roll" (3) ------------------------------ $3.95
      Grounded pork, onion, bamboo, celery, bean noodle, carrot, cabbage
  2. Vegetarian Egg Roll - "Crispy Roll" (3) ------------- $3.95
       Onion, bamboo, celery, bean noodle, carrot, cabbage
  3. Thai Spring Roll - "Fresh Roll" (2) --------------------- $4.95  GF
       Basil, carrot, cabbage, cilantro, bean sprout and rice noodle in the rice wrapper roll
       Served with peanut sauce and Thai spring roll sauce with crushed peanut. 
       With your choice of Vegetarian or (Chicken & Shrimp together) 
  4. Fried Tofu - "Tao Hoo Tord"  -------------------------- $4.95
      Deep fry Tofu to crisp and served with a popular house special and peanut sauce
  5. Fried Chicken Wings (6) --------------------------------- $6.95
      Marinated Chicken wings and deep fry to golden crisp. Served with Thai Sweet Chili sauce
  6. Fish Cake - "Tord Mun Pla" (4) ------------------------$6.95
      Grounded fish, green bean, lemon leaf mix with chili paste. Served with sweet & sour cucumber sauce
  7.  Steamed Dumpling -"Kanom Jeep" (4)--------------$6.95
      Grounded pork, water chestnuts, onion, mushroom, egg, pot sticker wrapper 
      And steamed in Thai style pot. Served with special Sweet-Black sauce.
  8. Pork or Chicken Satay (4) ---------------------------------$6.95
      Charbroiled slice of lean pork or chicken marinated with Thai curry,
      Thai herb and coconut milk. Serve with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.
  9. Beef Jerky -"Nuur Sawan " ------------------------------$6.95
      Thin slices of lean beef marinated with Thai herb, sesame seed, spices and deep fry. 
      Serve with Thai Sweet Chili sauce.
  10. Fried Shrimp - "Kung Kraborg" (6) ------------------- $7.95
         Marinated whole shrimp wrapped in a pastry shell, deep fry to a golden crisp. 
         Served with cucumber sauce.
  11. Shrimp Tempura ----------------------------------------------$7.95
         5 Shrimps, sweet potato, eggplant and zucchini deep-fry to a golden brown.
         Served with special Sweet-Black Tempura sauce
   12. Fried Squid ----------------------------------------------------- $7.95
         Marinated Squid deeps fry to a golden crisp. Served with Thai Sweet Chili sauce
  .13. Edamame ------------------------------------------------------- $4.95   GF
         Steamed Japanese Soy Bean 
  .14. Crab Rangoon (6) ------------------------------------------- $5.95
          Fry wonton which stuffed with Crab meat, Cream cheese, minced garlic, green onion.